Police officer walks over a mile to see an elderly man reach home safely

Police Officer Walks Over A Mile To See An Elderly Man Reach Home Safely

A police officer in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin recently assisted an elderly man in poignant fashion—by taking a very long walk.

The unidentified 64-year-old walked away from his group home on October 25th. Police were called to assist with his return that afternoon.

The man refused a ride home from police, but was convinced to walk back. And for that walk, he had a partner: Officer Hakes with the Chippewa Falls Police Department.

On the afternoon of Sunday, October 25th, officers Hakes and Checkalski were called to assist with a 64 year-old...

Posted by Chippewa Falls Police Department on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

They walked back to the group home together—just shy of a mile and a half -- stopping frequently so the man could gather his strength. He's now safe—and told Officer Hakes he enjoyed their walk.
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