OnlyOnAOL: Meet Charlotte Tilbury, Kim Kardashian's secret weapon

Behind the Scenes with Celebrity Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury
Behind the Scenes with Celebrity Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury


Charlotte Tilbury is the Jennifer Lawrence of makeup artists.

She's the go-to. The must-have. The secret weapon deployed by some of Hollywood's biggest names, the pro who did Amal Clooney's makeup at her wedding, for starters. Plus she's charming, effusive and immensely chatty.

And this week, she was named the makeup artist of the year at the InStyle awards in LA. She got ready with her dates, models Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Culpo and Miranda Kerr.

"We were drinking champagne and putting lipstick on," says Tilbury, still giddy a day after the event. "My makeup wardrobe is designed for red carpets and celebrities and campaigns. All my girls came together and were there for me in such a wonderful way. They're so kind and supportive. I felt really loved yesterday."

The award was presented to her by Kim Kardashian, who had just blogged that she felt like a whale.

"Kim was amazing. She's so supportive. Eight months pregnant, she came out. She's a great girlfriend," says Tilbury.

Doing someone's face, says Tilbury, is akin to getting between the sheets with them.

"It is very intimate. You feel like you're a sister. We have a laugh and we have fun together. That's the best part of my job. I get to have these intimate situations. I don't think you get closer or more intimate than a lover. You get to know people incredibly well incredibly fast. I make people the most beautiful versions of themselves," she says.

We grilled her about a few of her most-famous clients.

Kim Kardashian: "She is a dream. She's so still. She's got such an easy, beautiful face to work on. Makeup goes on her like a dream. She's really patient and attentive. She has natural lashes -- they're totally natural. She's got symmetrical features. She has these amazing eyes. She's fun. We giggle. It's just a joy. It's quite cozy. It feels like having a chat with a girlfriend. She's bright and clever and very kind."

Sienna Miller: "Funny, naughty and very charismatic. She's very bright and quick. And she's got a great sense of style. In Cannes, we had all these looks. She's got a real opinion. Who should we channel? Let's do Audrey, let's do Marilyn Monroe. She has fun with it. She's got a great set of references."

Penelope Cruz: "We speak Spanish all the time together. She's got that Latin warmth. My Dolce Vita look is totally inspired by her. She's the modern-day Sophia Loren. All these women are mothers. They have wonderful children. She's very passionate, Penelope. She always says to me, 'You do the best eyes.' I love that. She's got the most beautiful children. They're heaven together, and her husband."

Amal Clooney: "Oh my god, that brain of that woman. She is such an impressive woman. Unbelievable sense of style. People always ask, who is her stylist? There is no stylist. She gets an outfit. She's quick. She is just so graceful and charming and really, I have to say, a very impressive person. The work that she does -- she's very altruistic in the way that she thinks and what she's doing for the world."

Miranda Ker, Charlotte Tilbury, Alessandra Ambrosio and Olivia Culpo. Getty.
Miranda Ker, Charlotte Tilbury, Alessandra Ambrosio and Olivia Culpo. Getty.

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