Jerry Kill breaks down in heartbreaking retirement press conference

Jerry Kill: I've Been Seizure Free for a Year-and-a-Half and I Feel Great
Jerry Kill: I've Been Seizure Free for a Year-and-a-Half and I Feel Great

Minnesota Gophers football head coach Jerry Kill has been dealing with seizures for all of his life, but they've been brought to the forefront of his story in college football due to his endless struggle recently. It's a struggle that has cost him his career and forced him to stop doing the only thing he's ever known — coaching.

Kill announced his retirement on Wednesday, effective immediately, due to his struggle with seizures and it's effect on his family and health. His exit press conference was one of the most soul crushingly depressing things football fans will ever watch as Kill sobbed his way through the hardest announcement of his life — something you could tell he doesn't want to do but has to.

Kill admitted that the decision to retire was prompted by more seizures that he suffered in recent days. He also noted that it was his family and not doctors that motivated him to make this incredibly hard decision.

This is one of the most heartbreaking things we will see in all of sports this year. Kill is in no way ready to walk away from football but he has to — that's not an easy thing to wrestle with. It's also not lost on those in college football or those watching Kill unwillingly give up all he has ever known.

It's yet to be seen if Kill will ever coach again, but there is hope that he can return to a sideline somewhere at some time. This is something that few can relate to, but it's something that Kill will receive endless support in as he's one of the most well respected coaches in the Big Ten and all of college football.

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