'DWTS' alum Witney Carson reveals devastating diagnosis

DWTS' Witney Carson Reveals Devastating Diagnosis
DWTS' Witney Carson Reveals Devastating Diagnosis

Professional dancer and "Dancing with the Stars" star Witney Carson opened up about the potentially life-threatening diagnosis that nearly ended her beloved dancing career.

Carson has been dancing since she was three years old, and she wanted badly to become a professional. When she got her call from "DWTS," she was delighted.

Shortly after receiving her "DWTS" call, however, she received "the scariest news" she's ever heard. When she noticed a mole on her left foot, her mother took her immediately to the doctor who informed her that the mole was positive for melanoma -- the most serious kind of skin cancer. If Carson had waited even three weeks, she would have needed chemotherapy, she explained.

"It was devastating. Your feet are everything when you're a dancer," the star says. "I didn't know if I would ever dance again."

Luckily for Carson, the surgery was ultimately successful, and she was treated quickly. "I feel so grateful that I'm here alive," Carson says.

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