Donald Trump begs Iowa voters to boost poll numbers: 'I refuse to say get your a***s in gear'

Trump: "We've Had Some Amazing Results"
Trump: "We've Had Some Amazing Results"

Donald Trump isn't beyond begging, and he did exactly that on Tuesday at a campaign rally in Iowa.

In the wake of falling to second place in the crucial first voting state behind Dr. Ben Carson, Trump pleaded with voters to boost him back to the top.

"Iowa, will you get your numbers up, please?" Trump said in front of a crowd of close to 2,400. "I promise you I will do such a good job."

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Trump went on to call the fact that Carson has jumped in front of him in Iowa, and nationally, "ridiculous."

"This is ridiculous," he said. "I mean, what is my competition, in all fairness?"

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And in typical Donald fashion, he promised not to be vulgar in the same breath of being vulgar.

"I refuse to say get your asses in gear," Trump said. "I refuse to say it! ... So will you please do me a favor and work with my people and go out on Feb. 1 and vote? And if I win Iowa, we're going to run the whole table."

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