YouTube star Alisha Marie talks 'Girls Night In' tour and amazing 'macbabies'

As YouTube continues to thrive as one of the top social media platforms for users to share their unique talents and interests, vloggers (video bloggers) and musicians alike are gaining millions of subscribers online. These social media stars are building larger fanbases than some of the hottest celebs in Hollywood. One such social star, vlogger Alisha Marie AKA macbby11, has become such a YouTube sensation that fans, AKA macbabies, travel great lengths just to meet her at her highly anticipated meet & greets.

What makes Alisha so interesting is that, unlike some other YouTube stars, she wasn't an overnight success. When she was first inspired to start vlogging, she spent years uploading glorious DIY and lifestyle videos with very little action on her YouTube channel. However, she persevered for years, which in turn led her to the 2.5 million subscribers she has today. Alisha's story proves that when you're passionate enough about something, nothing should get in the way of doing what you love. Even when Alisha's subscribers were only in the double digits, she didn't let the numbers keep her from doing her thing and making the videos she knew she was meant to make. She serves as an inspiration for all of her macbabies to never give up on their dreams and pursuits.

Now that millions of people are fortunate enough to know Alisha through her videos, they absolutely adore her. She's even worked extensively with brands and partners like Keds, Yahoo, and P&G, and many more. Her mouthwatering food hacks, DIY tutorials and amazing scripted videos depicting situations common to any young woman has her quickly becoming a household name for her young fans.

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The vlogger recently put faces to usernames with a national tour. Together with fellow vloggers Eva Gutowski, Meredith Foster, Mia Stammer and Sierra Furtado as well as sensational singer/songwriter Andie Case, Alisha traveled the country for Fullscreen Live's "Girls Night In." With a combined fanbase of more than 23 million, the six young women showcased their talents while proving that being yourself is so much better than aspiring to unrealistic ideals. The tour enabled the gang to come face-to-face with their beloved fans for a fun scripted show interspersed with games, sketches, contests, musical performances, DIY and more.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Alisha during the tour and chat about her road to YouTube fame, her favorite videos and of course her sensational macbabies.

How has the tour been for you so far?

It's been so much fun. It's kind of like a big sleepover. A lot of us don't get to see each other that much back home so it's really nice to be able to have fun sleepovers where we're not working 24/7 and we can just hang out. At the same time, it's definitely been stressful because along with doing this tour we're also trying to keep up our individual channels. On top of that, I'm in school so I'm doing homework late at night. So that can definitely be stressful, but overall it's been so much fun. We never thought we'd be able to have a tour. I remember all of us talking a year ago saying how much fun it would be to one day do something like this. The next thing we know, we get the news that we're going to do a tour. We were so excited and it's been really great.

Talk to me about your Macbabies! What's your favorite thing about them?

They're awesome! They're so loyal. It's hard trying to explain such a unique bond with our viewers, but, for example, they'll just come up to us at a meet up and be like "Is that the dress you bought in the latest vlog you uploaded?" It's the little details that they notice. I'll be like "Oh my gosh how did notice?" It's so awesome. It's a really strong bond and they're just so amazing.

It seems like you're really into awesome snack ideas. As a foodie myself, do you have one particular DIY snack or food hack that's your absolute favorite?

I'm obsessed with coffee as many of my fans know, so last winter I made these little chocolate mugs out of marshmallows and added a peppermint handle to them. They looked like little mugs and they were the cutest things ever. I didn't want to eat them because they were so cute! Even with those, I'll get tweets or Instagrams of people re-creating all the treats I make. It's so cool to see people spending their time recreating something that I showed them.

One makeup/hair product you'll never leave the house without?

Probably dry shampoo, that's a big one for me. I like to sleep a lot, so I'm always pushing it.

When did you decide to start making your DIY tutorials on YouTube?

It probably really took off last summer. There was a big demand for them and I had a lot of people asking me to do them. I always liked making things. When I was younger, my mom would be like "Oh you don't need to buy that, you can make it for so much cheaper!" So I would be really sad that I couldn't buy all the cool new things, but it definitely worked out. Also, don't ask me why, but I really wanted to be a spy when I was younger. One of the cool gear things at the time was one of those gadgets that goes over your door knob and requires you to enter a password to get into the room. So I made one out of a cardboard box and little padlock thing. I guess that kind of started it. I've always liked making cool things like that.

What made you choose YouTube for your platform to share your awesome ideas?

I kind of randomly stumbled into it. I would always get newsletters from different makeup companies in the mail and the back would say "Watch us on YouTube." So I started searching brands, but then I found people making videos who weren't associated with any brand. One day I decided I was going to try it. I failed miserably for like three years. It took a long time for my channel to grow. But I still kept doing it regardless of the views. I had such a passion for it and didn't even care that hardly anyone was watching it. I remember when I first hit 100 subscribers I was like "Thank you guys so much! Even if I never get any more subscribers, I'm so happy with the 100 I have!" It honestly just makes me happy and I love doing it. Nobody can tell you how to make your channel or videos. You do it for you. It's a really fun, creative outlet to experiment with.

Click through this slideshow to see awesome pics of the "Girls Night In" tour:

Fullscreen Live's "Girls Night In"
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YouTube star Alisha Marie talks 'Girls Night In' tour and amazing 'macbabies'
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