Warmest Halloween costumes for chilly trick-or-treaters

If you live anywhere other than Florida, California or Arizona, chances are your Halloweens are pretty cold -- there are a lot of places where trick-or-treaters run around their neighborhoods in the snow! Unfortunately, winter wonderland weather isn't exactly conducive to a lot of popular Halloween costumes out there -- who wants to pair their ballerina tutu with a parka, or trade their ballet slippers for Sorels?

Lucky for you, we've rounded up some awesome costumes that are fun, cute, affordable and most importantly, WARM!

Click through the gallery below to find the perfect outfit for your below-zero festivities.

Check out the 2011 snowstorm that put a serious damper on Halloween in the Northeast:

Halloween Snowstorm Causes US Chaos
Halloween Snowstorm Causes US Chaos

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