Suspect blames 'The Walking Dead' binge for alleged murder

Suspect Blames 'The Walking Dead' Binge for Alleged Murder
Suspect Blames 'The Walking Dead' Binge for Alleged Murder

A New Mexico man is in police custody for murder after he says he killed his friend because he thought he was becoming a zombie from "The Walking Dead."

Authorities arrested 23-year-old Damon Perry on Thursday on a murder charge.

Police say Perry and a friend were binge watching "The Walking Dead" on Netflix and binge drinking. Then, Perry says, his friend tried to bite him.

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Fearing he was turning into a zombie, police say Perry punched and kicked his friend, using an electric guitar, a microwave and kitchen knives to kill him.

"I do think that his story, his reason behind this is true. He genuinely felt like his friend was changing into a zombie in his inebriated state," Sgt. Moses Marquez of the Grants Police Department told KOB-TV.

Perry then allegedly ran around the apartment complex threatening people with a knife. That's why the original 911 call was placed.

The small-town murder has since made national and international headlines for the sheer oddity of Perry's zombie defense.

Perry is being held at Cibola County Detention Center on the murder charge.

See more from the hit show below:

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