Senior shelter dog gets practice car rides so she can feel what it's like to be adopted

Senior Shelter Dog Gets Practice Car Rides So She Can Feel What It's Like to Be Adopted

When this senior shelter dog's forever family finds her, she'll be ready! That's because she gets practice car rides so she can feel what it's like to be adopted.

And if you're the lucky person to take this pup home, there's a good chance you'll be covered in kisses. The affectionate pooch is actually named Mrs. Kisses!

The 12-year-old senior dog was taken in by the New Fairfield/Sherman Animal Welfare Society in Connecticut in late 2014. Given the scars on her face and legs, the shelter thinks Mrs. Kisses may have been used as the "bait dog" for dog fights.

See a video of Mrs. Kisses and other adoptable senior pups:

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Senior shelter dog gets practice car rides so she can feel what it's like to be adopted
NEW FAIRFIELD, CT: For this special @dogsofinstagram endorsed #SENIORSUNDAY, we're back with 12 year old Mrs. Kisses!! Can you believe Mrs. Kisses still hasn't found someone to kiss?? She's been waiting too long already! It's been 36 days since her first post on SSD, and 36 more nights of sleeping at the shelter. This is on top of her already very long stay at the shelter. In this video, Mrs. Kisses is going on a mini-adventure with her dedicated volunteer. Mrs. Kisses is an excellent car rider and would love to find someone who is looking for a life passenger, a buddy to do stuff with. You might have noticed Mrs. Kisses' swollen joints. She suffers from #arthritis. And this certainly would be something of good reason that Mrs. Kisses COULD complain about. But that's not Mrs. Kisses' style. No-siree! Mrs. Kisses is a force of nature. She enthusiastically bounds around the great outdoors without a care in the world and pays no mind to her arthritis at all. (And she happily takes her arthritis meds.) So now you know that Mrs. Kisses is an excellent car rider, she's a passionate smoocher, and she has a vivacious personality -- living by the motto "When life gives you lemons you slurp lemonade!" Mrs. Kisses is an honorable woman who seeks #companionship for the latter years of her life. She's past the drama and she's over petty stuff. She just wants to find someone she can grow older with. When it comes to humans, Mrs. Kisses is a lover of all sorts. Any shape, size, gender, religion, ethnicity...Mrs. Kisses does not discriminate! (Although, very tiny tots may be overwhelmed by her big personality.) As for the canines and felines, Mrs. Kisses kisses them just a little toooooo hard, so no kitty or doggy roommates for her. Please help us find this sweet 12 year old gal a good home. For all of her spirt, spunk, and splendidness, Mrs. Kisses is a "once in a lifetime" kind of love. She's really that special! To #adopt Mrs. Kisses, please contact @nfsaw by emailing or calling 203.746.2925. @nfsaw is located at 223 State Route 37, #NewFairfield, CT. Adoption hours are Wed-Sun from 10AM-3PM ❤️ #seniordog #connecticut
Attention dog lovers! Please consider #ADOPTION as your only option when bringing home your next pet! We also encourage you to look beyond your favorite breed. Sure you may love a certain type of dog, but we promise you that if you open your heart to the idea of #adopting, you will easily fall in love with ANY dog regardless of breed. SSD promotes the older pups, but there are so many wonderful and loving dogs of all ages waiting in shelters. Currently, East Valley shelter in #LosAngeles is having a crisis. There are 70+ DOGS on the #euthanasia list today simply because there are too many dogs streaming through their doors every single day and not enough people to adopt them. And this is happening at many shelters all over the United States. Spay and neuter is a huge factor in reducing the animal overpopulation problem -- and "accidental" or "just for fun" litters in 2015 is simply irresponsible and not OK. ---------- @friendsofEastValley wrote, "Sweet boy Diego! He is the kind of boy who loves to stick by your side and do what you are doing. He absolutely lives for his people. He was in a home before and has shown that he is good with cats. He has been fine in playgroup, minds his own business, but does not enjoy small dogs. He is just a gentle, loyal, mild mannered, kind soul. He used to greet you at his kennel door, with a sweet hopeful look in his eyes. Now, he sits facing the back, softly howling to himself in a sad, mournful way. Diego needs love and needs someone who understands that he will be lonely for a few days and can be patient with that. I promise, if you can help him realize that you won’t abandon him, you will be rewarded beyond measure with his loving sweet spirit living for you. We just received terrible news this morning. Every single senior big dog just got redlisted at #EastValley. We’ve been teetering on the edge for over two months. The shelter has been over-full and has been trying not to euthanize while everyone is networking so hard. But, the past few weekends have just pushed the shelter past the limit." To adopt Diego, please email East Valley Animal Shelter volunteer Dani at ASAP 🆘 #ADOPT #shelterdogs
#LOSANGELES, CA: 🆘 This is an 🆘 situation. And we know this post is long, but please read carefully as it is about more than one dog. In fact, it's about 70 dogs--all on the euthanasia list. But please don't get overwhelmed. We simply ask you to read and help however you can. In this photo is Gem -- and she is quite literally the most GEM! "Gem is an adorable and shy 8 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. She is very sweet but a little scared when it comes to meeting new people in a new environment. She will thrive in a loving home where she feels safe. Her little tale wags like crazy when other dogs come over to play with her and she really perks up. She is desperate for a family that would love her and she is ready and willing to give 110% of her love to you." And the critical situation is as follows: "We just received terrible news this morning. Every single senior big dog just got redlisted at East Valley. Most of them have been with us for months and they matter a lot to us. We love them and we're trying to fight for them. As of today, there are 70 dogs [of all ages] on the euthanasia list at East Valley. It’s usually more like a dozen. We’ve been teetering on the edge for over two months. The shelter has been over-full and has been trying not to euthanize while everyone is networking so hard. Every single kennel is full, dogs are doubled up where they can be. We got over 20 surrenders this weekend alone. For every dog we’ve been able to get fostered or adopted, 5 more have come in. If 20 more dogs come in next weekend, there will be literally nowhere to put them. Of course, seniors are always among the first to go. They’re adopted at lower rates and therefore seen as less desirable and less adoptable. So, if we can get our senior pups out of the shelter for just a couple of weeks [to foster], it will save their lives. If not, most of them will probably be put down in the next few days. To #adopt or #foster Gem (or any other dog!), please contact @friendsofeastvalley volunteer Dani by emailing The shelter is located at 14409 Vanowen Street, #VanNuys, CA ❤️ #seniordog #shelterdogs
We could all use some good news right now...12 year old Jack got adopted today!! The shelter had many, many inquires come in for Jack, and we are so thankful to his new momma for hopping in her car and immediately coming to get him. If anyone else inquired about Jack, don't stop there! Shelters need all the responsible adopters they can get. Jack's homeless friends need you, too! ❤️ @gmhumanesociety wrote, "Jack became an instant celebrity last night when Susie's Senior Dogs kindly posted his story to their page. We received many inquiries but one lovely young lady came right away to meet him with her other canine companion in tow. Jack warmed to them both right away and we swear he was smiling when he left! If you had your eye set on Jack, please stop by and see another senior pet in need like Betsy or Dumplin. They aren't famous yet, but they are waiting for their forever family too!" ❤️ #seniordog #GermanShepherd #LabradorRetriever #adopted #love #family
#NEWYORKCITY: Aphrodite and Hercules are mother and son #ShihTzus. For eight long months these two cuties have been living out of a suitcase. And they're over that lifestyle. Aphrodite is 12 and Hercules is 10, and they both want to settle into a forever home for the rest of their lives. We recently met up with Aphrodite and Hercules in Central Park, and to sum up these two precious seniors in a word: EASY. Aphrodite and Hercules are a very manageable duo. We were told that Aphrodite and Hercules recently attended an adoption event. In attendance, there were lots of puppies and dogs, and Aphrodite and Hercules, looking for their home. At the end of the event, every single younger dog went home. All of them! But Aphrodite and Hercules were the last two standing, or rather, sitting in their carriers wondering, "What happened to other doggies? Why are still here?" @socialteesnyc wrote, "Aphrodite is an amazingly angelic little muppet. She's 12 years old and about 8 lbs. She is very mellow and low maintenance, and she's good with every person and animal she meets. She would do best in a low activity home. She's housebroken and very quiet! Unless it's really nice out, she isn't really into walking. Just around the block once is more than enough. She really just wants a quiet place to snuggle up to. She is more than happy to snuggle next to you if you put her there, but she really is ok by herself. She has the sweetest personality and temperament. Hercules is such an incredibly unique and spunky, happy little senior! He's 10 years old and about 13 lbs. He is awesome with everyone he meets and other animals. He would do great in a home with another dog or with someone who works from home or can bring him to work because he's just so mellow and loving and easy but adores being with his special person. He's wee pad trained, housebroken, and very quiet! He's totally content snuggling on the couch, but can also keep up on long walks. He's soooo lovable!" To adopt Aphrodite and Hercules, please fill out an application: For additional questions, email Samantha of @socialteesnyc at ❤️ #seniordog #shihtzu
(semi-near) WASHINGTON, DC: Caroline deserves a better life. She deserves humans who love her and who respect her and who care enough about her to make sure she always stays safe. But so far Caroline has only known instability. And we really want to change that for her! We want her to have a chance at knowing what it feels like to truly be valued. Caroline is friendly towards other dogs, she is tolerant of cats, and she is OK with kids. She is well-behaved and does not make to look any trouble at all. We're told that due to her former owners not caring enough about her, Caroline has been in and out of the shelter many times throughout her life. And now she has been permanently left there as her former owners have no desire bring her back home. So Caroline is now officially up for adoption. Denise wrote, "I am the supervisor for Jefferson County WV Animal Control in the eastern pan handle of #westvirginia. I was referred to you as a possible resource for placing a very dear to our hearts 8 year old mixed #pittie named Caroline. Caroline, as in most cases, has been a 'frequent flyer' at our shelter due to very irresponsible owner and their inability to own up to the care of her. This time around they have just choose to totally ignore that she is with us. She has been here since August 24. Caroline is already #spayed and has #arthritis in her hips and could also possibly have an old knee injury. We try to bring her up into our warm office so she can just lay on her two favorite beds and relax, but the nights are getting colder and she so needs a warm, comfy and loving home to call her own. She is dog friendly and did well with the cat test. One kitty hissed at her and she backed off and the others she just sniffed and ignored. Out of state adoptions are totally acceptable. Our policy is that any potential adopters would have to come and meet her and put in an application." To adopt Caroline, contact Denise by emailing or calling 304.728.3289 X 2081. Jefferson County Animal Control​ is located at 161 Poor Farm Road, Kearneysville, WV. They are approx 1.5 hours from #WashingtonDC ❤️ #seniordog #pitbull #adopt
(near) #PHILADELPHIA, PA: We're back for round two with 12 year old Buddy! Buddy still needs a home. So please share with your friends! Buddy was posted on SSD back in September. He is around 18 pounds and looking for a family who has #dogs bigger than he is, or no other dogs. And definitely no cats! In regards to this, his rescue wrote, "Buddy has had fights with dogs his size or smaller. There is no real reason, but he tolerates bigger dogs for the most part. Ideally, he would do best as an only dog because he really craves the attention of humans and would really flourish in that environment." Buddy has an overall easy going personality and is a sweet natured guy. He is polite to children, well-behaved in public, and just an all around great companion. As for his health, the rescue says that "overall he is okay. He does have a bit of a chronic cough, but he's been to the vet for it and they think he'll have it for the remainder of his life." Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, Inc.​ wrote, "Hi, I’m Buddy and my name describes what I am, a good buddy. I’m really very sweet and gentle. I’m a #JackRussell /#BullTerrier mix (maybe) and I’m looking for a great home where I will be loved and appreciated as the very #cooldog I am. I lived with my first human for ten years but then she got sick and couldn’t take care of me anymore so I ended up at the #killshelter. Everyone there really liked me so they made sure I went to MAJR to find a forever home. I’m neutered, I don’t bark and I have good house and crate manners. I know begging for food is not good and I am polite (but I do watch just in case). I don’t need a lot of exercise either. I like most polite dogs that are my size or bigger but would prefer to be an only #dog. I am not at all good with cats. I don’t live with children now but at adoption events (and I’ve been to several) I’ve been gentle and sweet with little humans. I am laid back and very sweet and looking for a quiet #home that will love me and let me love them." To #adopt Buddy, please contact Pam of Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue by emailing ❤️ #seniordog #pennsylvania #rescuedog
LEWISBURG, WV: (near Roanoke, VA) Meet Blaze! He is a very handsome 7-ish year old #Chow gentleman who lives at a shelter in rural West Virginia. And not one person (NOBODY!) has asked about adopting him. 😔With less people around, it's harder for him to find a home, especially when younger dogs and puppies are usually preferred by adopters. So in order to help this wonderful senior-ish pup find a good home, his shelter is willing and able to arrange transport! Please share Blaze to help him find a family! 💜Blaze is a very well-behaved guy. He has a relaxed personality, he loves children, and he enjoys spending time with other dogs. In fact, his shelter would encourage a family who has children and/or resident dogs to apply to adopt Blaze. He is a true gent!!💜 Amy of Greenbrier County Humane Society wrote, "Blaze is a 7+ year old Chow who is having difficulty finding his #foreverhome. He was brought to us by his previous owners. They were unable to keep him where they were living. His looks are deceiving. We have come to find that he is extremely well-behaved and laid back. He does well in all environments, even large crowds with lots of noise. He is fantastic with #children. We would love to see him go to a home with a kid(s) who would have time to play with him and take him for walks. His previous owners did tell us that he is scared of thunderstorms. He is a distinguished fellow who has a lovely salt and pepper muzzle. In his free time, he enjoys swimming and going for car rides. He enjoys spending time with most other #dogs and children, but doesn't like cats. He is #housebroken, does well on a leash, and knows basic commands. We can absolutely arrange transport. We have a very dedicated network of volunteers that can get dogs just about anywhere." To adopt Blaze, please contact Amy Powers of Greenbrier Humane society by emailing or calling 304.645.4775. The Greenbrier Humane Society is located at 151 Holliday Lane, #Lewisburg, WV -- approximately two hours from #Roanoke, VA. Adoption hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11AM to 5PM. ❤️ #seniordog #chowchow #westvirginia #Virginia

With a smile on her face, she's now ready to see the world outside of the shelter. Despite her painful arthritis, shelter workers say the dog "enthusiastically bounds around the great outdoors without a care in the world."

The shelter adds that prospective new owners would need to be dog and cat free, and willing to have some company in the front seat.

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