Questlove says Jimmy Fallon is the only man who could disarm The Roots

See Madonna Sing 'Holiday' With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots
See Madonna Sing 'Holiday' With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Chalk it up to a case of love at first sight.

When QuestLove first met Jimmy Fallon, he says he and The Roots didn't necessarily intend to sign on to be house band for the talk show host's show.

"It was kinda love at first sight with Jimmy," The Roots drummer recalled of his first encounter with the upbeat host. "I knew we weren't going to settle with his first proposition, but I was like let's have him come to a show and meet the guys. At the very least, we'll have a good relationship with this guy so that when we come on his show, we'll that relationship."

And the rest, as they say, was pretty much history. The 44-year-old musician and his band have been jamming on Fallon's shows ever since moving with him from his gig on the "Late Night" to his current one on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

Fallon has an infectious personality, which the percussionist says has led the band to do things they never would have – like making a human pyramid out of their entire eight man group.

"In the 25 years that The Roots have been together, nobody has disarmed us to that level that quickly. We are so guarded with everybody. We'll freeze up on anybody like when Prince or Stevie Wonder comes backstage and we're all quiet, but Jimmy was just like, 'Hey guys how you doing?' Next thing you know, like Tariq's pants cost $5,000 and he would never normally get on the ground, and there he was on the bottom of the pyramid. Jimmy just has that personality."

Of the experience, Questlove laughed. "I looked at how stupid and silly they looked. And then I looked at my manager who is more cynical than I am and I said, 'We're stuck with this guy, aren't we?' And he said, 'Yeah. '

Being 'stuck' with Fallon might not be the worst thing in the world since. Questlove, revealed to AOL backstage at Lipton's Be More Tea Festival that the late night show has allowed them to work with some of the best in the business.

"Most of my pinch me moments are happening right now on the 'Fallon' show. There's a ton. Probably the last one we had was when Lionel Richie agreed to come on the show to re-enact his world-famous "Hello" video where a blind woman makes a bust of his head with clay. Well, Lionel Richie was that clay come to life in our sketch."

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Richie's big sketch on the show drew tons of attention, not only from fans, but also from other big names. "Right now, we're in a phase of that show where a lot of veteran artists know of our show and our reputation and now they want to get in on the fun too," Questlove shared. "Everybody that I've ever truly loved has come and rocked on the show and rocked with us. Now I am at the table and I am looking for seconds and thirds and fourths and fifths. I am waiting for Prince to make his next return and whenever Springsteen comes, that's like the best show ever."

Beyond the show's stage, Fallon has also been a source of advice for the longtime musician.

"Jimmy has one wish in this world and that's for me to get more sleep," Questlove joked. "Contrary to what people do believe, I do get a lot of sleep --- people are under this impression that I am always up. But, it's more like I spend every waking moment working. So what he really means is go on more dates, go out and have fun with your friends, go see more movies, you know?"

We suppose if Jimmy Fallon is trying to convince you to go out more – that might not be the worst request in the world ... but we just have to wonder, will we start seeing the comedic and musical duo taking the town together?

One can hope.

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