Incredible images show waves of migrants making their way into Europe


While the migration crisis in Europe has fallen into the back burner on some international media outlets, the issue of thousands of people making their way into the borders of the EU continues to be a major challenge for the receiving countries. The European nations that are absorbing the waves are in fact faced with the need to create and implement the social, cultural and physical system and structures to host the thousands of individuals who are fleeing their countries.

Photographer Ciril Jazbec has been documenting the incredible exodus of migrants crossing eastern European countries to make their way into the central and northern areas of Europe. Here is a gallery showing the touching imagery the photographer posted on Instagram:

The migration flow has been particularly intense in the past few days for Slovenia, where tens of thousands of migrants have crossed the border, pushing the authorities to ask the rest of the European Union for help. Some countries like Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland have offered to send police reinforcements, while Croatia also asked for help. The country has seen more than 217,000 refugees enter its borders just since mid-September and does not have the necessary infrastructures to absorb such waves.

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Could Refugee Crisis Break Europe?
Could Refugee Crisis Break Europe?

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