Good-looking 'Jeopardy' contestant may have lost the game, but he won our hearts

He Didn't Win 'Jeopardy,' but He Won Our Hearts
He Didn't Win 'Jeopardy,' but He Won Our Hearts

Meet Tom, the internet's latest and greatest viral sensation. Yesterday, Tom was just a hopeful contestant on the Oct. 26th episode of "Jeopardy," but today, he is "internet famous."

Tom Flynn is a bartender and aspiring filmmaker from New York who most definitely knows how to work the camera.

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Although Flynn came in last place, he won the hearts and attention of the Twitterverse with his good looks and "Zoolander" poses. Many pointed out that when Flynn wasn't racking up the cash, he spent most of his time gazing directly into the monitor.​

Win or lose, Flynn is still a star in our hearts. Here's to hoping he serves us our next drink in the city!

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