EXCLUSIVE: Jon Stewart loving life after 'Daily Show': I feel like Fred Flintstone when he hears the bell

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Stewart on Enjoying His Post-'Daily Show' Life
EXCLUSIVE: Jon Stewart on Enjoying His Post-'Daily Show' Life

Jon Stewart is enjoying post-Daily Show life!

The 52-year-old former host and his wife, Tracey, sat down with ET to talk about all the lost time he's making up for now that he's handed off the anchor desk reigns to Trevor Noah.

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"I would have left the show like 10 years ago," Jon said when asked if he misses his time on the long-running Comedy Central program. "I had no idea that people were out having fun."

"Remember how excited Fred Flintstone was when he heard that bell?" he joked. "Yeah, that doesn't go away. Every day I still feel like I'm sliding down that dinosaur's tail like, 'Woo!'"

Look back at Stewart's final show:

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And Tracey hasn't gotten sick of Jon now that he's back home either, telling ET, "I waited for 15 years to get him back in the house."

What Jon especially loves is all the free time he has to spend with his wife and two children, 9-year-old Maggie, and 11-year-old Nathan.

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"I'd call and be like, 'What are you guys doing?' 'We're having a game night where we're all playing,'" Jon explained. "I hear them cackling and laughing in the background and I'm like, 'Hmm, I'm on the turnpike.'"

One thing Jon's not doing so much of? Keeping up on Trevor in his former Daily Show digs.

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"We watch what the kids watch," Jon admitted. "There would be times where we would get away just the two of us and we'll end up in a hotel room turning on like the Disney Channel. It's embarrassing."

Spoken like a true parent!

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But even though he doesn't have much time to tune in, Jon said that he does watch the clips, and absolutely raved about how Trevor is doing so far.

"Nobody should be that good," Jon contended. "He's four years younger now than I was when I first started the show and his just... his ease, and his grace, and confidence is just phenomenal. He's a phenomenal guy."

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Meanwhile, Jon and Tracey's marriage appears to be going as strong as ever after 15 years. Over the weekend, the couple was honored by Farm Sanctuary, a group dedicated to a better life for animals and ending inhumane farming practices. They also announced they are opening up an animal sanctuary on their 12-acre Middletown, New Jersey home.

"We have two new pigs from farm sanctuary that we adopted," Tracey said, with Jon jokingly adding, "I really went from working The Daily Show to running a PetSmart."

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