Confederate-themed college bar sparks outrage over 'racist' drink


The watering hole of a true Southern gentleman.

Posted by General Beauregard's on Monday, December 17, 2007

A bar modeled after the Confederacy is sparking outrage for an offensively-named drink. An image of the menu from the Athens, Georgia bar went viral after it was posted on Twitter on Monday night.

​The alleged drink, called a "N*****ita" on General Beauregard's menu, contains watermelon and tequila.

General Beauregard's, which is located in downtown Athens near The University of Georgia's campus is known for stirring up controversy.

%shareLinks-quote="The drinking pub, which is named after the general who started the Civil War, only recently took down its confederate flag in July." type="spreadWord"%

Local newspaper Flagpole reported that the issue came to the attention of a local-print shop worker when an employee of the bar brought in the menu to be laminated.

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The paper appears to be part of a drink cheat-sheet for bartenders.

However in an email to The Athens Banner-Herald, General Beauregard's owner, Daniel Simmons, refuted claims that the bar serves the offensively-named drink and that staff are "investigating" where the photo originated from.

He wrote:

We had absolutely no knowledge of, and would never condone, this image that is claimed to be our drink menu. However, to be absolutely clear, we do not provide our customers with a drink menu with the exception of limited specials offered on chalk boards displayed openly by the front door and behind the bar.

After the photo went viral, many college students took to social media to call out the controversial watering hole and alleged-racist culture of Athens:

Do you think the drink is offensive? Sound off below:

See what happened when a different bar posted racist signs outside their establishment:

Bar Owner Posts Racist Sign Outside of Georgia Bar
Bar Owner Posts Racist Sign Outside of Georgia Bar

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