Bucket list helps abandoned terminally ill dog make the most of his final months

Adorable pit bull King is running out of time.

The Bark Post reports that the dog has an inoperable tumor on his spine, which doctors say will soon spread to other parts of his body. This gives the pit bull only three to five months left to live.

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Abandoned by his original owners, the tumor has already taken control of King's hind legs, leaving the pooch paralyzed and with a set of wheels to get around on.

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King's foster mom, Liz Fratea and Passion 4 Pits founder Stephanie Paquin, have planned a lifetime of adventures with a bucket list on King's Facebook page that will hopefully let King live like royalty in his final few months.

Paquin told The Huffington Post that King's prognosis does not affect how she or Fratea feel about the pup.

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King's family hopes to make some incredible memories during this time and have been documenting their experiences on social media.

King's list includes:

  • Beach day

  • Visiting the park

  • An ice cream trip

  • Chowing down a steak

  • Visit to a fast food restaurant

  • Puppy play date

  • Party with puppies

  • Dog pack walk

So far, the precious pooch has already checked off the ice cream visit, which his owners said "was a hit!"

You can make suggestions of things to add to King's bucket list here or contribute financially here.

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