5 struggles every subway commuter has to live with

Here's What The Worst Commute In New York City Looks Like
Here's What The Worst Commute In New York City Looks Like

There's no better way to celebrate the anniversary of the New York City subway than listing the biggest struggles a commuter has to deal with every day. While the MTA subway system was inaugurated on October 27, 1904, we still have a long way to go before certain rides become a comfortable experience.

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So here we go:

1 - The nail clipper

Please, all I'm waiting for is to have your nails fly on my face on the way to work.

2 - Manspreading

Just close your legs and make room for an extra human being that can totally fit next to you.

3 - Showtime!!!

When you hear that call, all you think of is "Please don't kick me in the face while you do your tricks"

4 - The "no one can see me"

Some people feel like they can be themselves on the subway, which is not always a good thing.

5 - The reluctant cyclist

Do you have a bike? Ride it! Don't take it on the subway. Most importantly, don't park it on it.

Every day, 4.5 million people take the subway in NYC and make their ways through these struggles. At least Pizza Rat is there to cheer us all up.


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