This dog laid by his owner's side after she was killed in a car accident

Dog Mourns at Accident Site Where Its Owner Died

Talk about a friend until the end.

Kelly Black, 42, was walking her dog Paco around 6 AM in Jacksonville, Florida, when she was struck by a truck and dragged underneath the vehicle.

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"It appears that she was possibly struck by a tractor trailer and it's unknown if the driver knew that he struck the victim," a police spokesman told reporters Friday.

Paco and Kelly were inseparable, especially until the end as he waited by Black's side until the police arrived to cover the body, Tucson News Now reports.

Paco was filmed by reporters at the scene, in a clear state of sadness, as the officers taped off the area. After the officers removed Black's body from the scene, Paco continued to lay in the middle of the street, until he was eventually reunited with his family.

In similar news, see the video below of another loyal act by a golden retriever and basset hound:

Loyal Dog Stays by Pal's Side for a Week Until Help Comes

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