Supercouple Russell Wilson and Ciara dressed up as Batman and Catwoman

Beyonce, Serena Williams Attend Ciara's Super Hero Themed Birthday Bash
Beyonce, Serena Williams Attend Ciara's Super Hero Themed Birthday Bash

Right after Russell Wilson put the beat down on the San Francisco 49ers on their home turf, Wilson put his weekend to good use and surprised his girlfriend Ciara for her 30th birthday. According to Deadspin on Monday, Russell Wilson went all out and planned a costume party for Ciara, one that she wouldn't soon forget. Ciara also posted up a few photos on Instagram for the rest of the world to enjoy and it's everything we'd expect from a couple of this caliber.

According to People who also grabbed the inside scoop on this couple's whereabouts, Wilson invited Ciara out on what she thought was going to be a simple movie premiere. Much to her surprise, she arrived at Warners Bros. in Burbank only to find her boyfriend dressed in black and standing next to the exact same Batmobile that will be used the soon to premiere, "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." Always the careful planner, Wilson gave Ciara a Catwoman costume and the pair drove up to the real party where all of Ciara's friends were waiting. Talk about #RelationshipGoals and #SquadGoals.

If you weren't already starstruck and absolutely gobsmacked at how small your own Halloween party is now in comparison, a couple of people who couldn't make the party (like Missy Elliot and Jennifer Hudson) sent their well wishes via satellite.

And October marks the unofficial six-monthiversary for the couple ever since they were first spotted hamming it up together during the White House State Dinner back in April.

Click below for more photos of Ciara:

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