'Southern Charm' star Cameran Eubanks give us the go-to guide to living in the South


You can take the girl out of the south – but you can't take the charm out of the girl!

Cameran Eubanks stars on the hit Bravo show "Southern Charm," and while she's jetted all over for the show, she calls Charleston, South Carolina home.

The bubbly 31-year-old hosted hundreds of festival-goers at Lipton Tea's Be More Tea Festival in North Charleston on Saturday to celebrate the famous beverage company's 125 anniversary.

"I am so excited this is being held in Charleston of all places. The Roots are one of my favorite bands ever. I have been a tea drinker my entire life – my mom literally used to put sweet tea in my bottles – maybe that's just part of growing up in the South.

Naturally, since she was playing host at the big festival, we had to get the scoop on what it takes to fit right in like a southerner in her hometown.

Here are the top 5 things Cameran says every gal needs to be a true southern girl:

1) You need some kind of a sporting dog. I don't have one because my husband wants a child instead of a dog – but I'm serious, everybody has a dog that is a hunting dog. It sounds ridiculous but it's true.

2) You have to have a love of fried food. If you don't you'll never make it down here. Fried chicken, fried okra – you can fry anything and it will be good.

3) You have to have manners. I grew up with my mom saying, 'You have to say yes ma'am and no ma'am. It's funny when I go somewhere else outside of the south and some people get offended. When I'm in New York and I say 'Yes ma'am.' They're like, 'I'm not old.' And I'm like – I'm sorry. I just thought I was being nice.

4) Sweet tea! You need Lipton sweet tea.

5) Be a good host and guest! Guests in the south would typically bring a hostess gift. You can bring candles or wine, that kind of stuff. If you host a party, you get a ton of stuff. I am a god-awful hostess because I hate to cook; so I would probably just hire a caterer and have them do the whole shebang. You know who is the best hostess I've ever met? Patricia from "Southern Charm." She is down to the cocktail napkins that are monogrammed – some people just go all out. I'm still learning.

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