National Fail League: NFL Week 7 flops

National Fail League: Week 7 Fails
National Fail League: Week 7 Fails

There are plenty of places to get highlights from Sunday's football action, which is why we chose to do something a little different.

Instead of posting the best highlights of the weekend, we'll make the biggest fails the topics of discussion.

For instance, can you believe Texans quarterback actually missed the team's flight and had to fly commercial?

It has been a rough season for the Texans and their quarterbacks and this is just the latest head-shaking moment for Mallett and head coach Bill O'Brien.

As Pro Football Talks notes, this is just the latest incident in which Mallett was not where he was supposed to be after being benched by O'Brien.

Mallett missed a practice during the preseason — McClain reported at the time that Mallett overslept— after learning that Brian Hoyer was named the team's starting quarterback for the regular season.

Oh, but there so many more fails to make fun of. Check it out in the video above.