Mom says baby thigh gap in Huggies ad may have been photoshopped

Mom Says Baby Thigh Gap In Huggies Ad May Have Been Photoshopped

An ad has raised the suspicions of one mom about a possible attempt to photoshop a baby's thighs.

She posted her query on Reddit, attaching a picture of the ad and asking the BabyBumps subgroup, "Is it just me or did this huggies ad photoshop thigh gap on a toddler?"

The image promoting Huggies' Little Movers Slip-On Diapers features a baby who is wearing only a diaper standing up with the knees together; there is a visible space between the upper thighs.

The mother explained to Yahoo Parenting that she decided to speak out because, according to her, "The picture looked manipulated... really manipulated — like what you see in fashion magazines to make models too thin and too perfect."

She then went on to say, "I just felt like there's no need for airbrushing to exist on an ad about babies. All babies are wonderful and super cute....I mean, don't we love our babies no matter how they look? This ad was not cool."

The Reddit community was split about whether or not the image had been manipulated. Some sided with the mother while others pointed out that more slender babies can have a natural thigh gap.

In response to the online discussion, Terry Balluck, a Huggies representative, told the Daily Mail, "We always use real-life customers and users of our products, and do not airbrush the bodies of the babies in our advertising and photography."
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