Michael Jordan's house has its own hype video

Mustard Minute: Michael Jordan's House: The Movie
Mustard Minute: Michael Jordan's House: The Movie

Selling a house is one of the hardest and most stressful things to do. When you have to put a house on the market, you wish that you can have something more than just a realtor helping you out. It's a tough process and you would surely take all of the help you can get.

You know, such as wouldn't it be cool if you can make a hype video for your house that you're selling to help get it off the market? Well, you can do this if you're a millionaire — like Michael Jordan.

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Yes, the greatest basketball player of all-time has his house on the market, and to help someone come up with the $15 million asking price for the estate, this hype video was created.

%shareLinks-quote="​Now, the best part about this hype video? Well, the house sells itself. No, literally, the house talks to you and describes itself with a narrator." type="spreadWord"%.

Well, yeah, this is one interesting way to go about things as far as getting rid of your house. But, again, when you have the resources that Jordan does, you can play around with things like this.

Michael Jordan has made some serious money after retirement, but none of his contracts made the list of richest NBA deals ever:

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