Man fails paternity test thanks to unborn twin

Man Fails Paternity Test Thanks To Unborn Twin
Man Fails Paternity Test Thanks To Unborn Twin

A Washington State man failed a paternity test because of his unborn twin.

The 34-year-old and his wife had help from a fertility clinic to get pregnant. When they gave birth to a healthy boy medical records showed the baby didn't have the same blood type as either parent.

BuzzFeed reports that an at-home paternity test revealed the man wasn't his father. At first, the couple was pretty angry, thinking the fertility clinic used the wrong sperm -- but it turns out it they just made medical history.

Scientists determined this was the first-ever reported case of a paternity test being fooled by a human chimera, someone with extra genes absorbed from a twin lost in early pregnancy.

About 1-in-8 single childbirths are thought to have started as multiple pregnancies. Cells from these miscarried siblings are sometimes absorbed in the womb by a surviving twin -- or the would-be father in this case.

So, the Washington father is genetically the baby's uncle and the real father is actually a ghost.

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