Get more out of your live streaming: Netflix hacks that are basically a necessity in life

Netflix Made A Netflix and Chill Button
Netflix Made A Netflix and Chill Button

It's no secret how much we absolutely adore Netflix. The internet streaming site not only offers us unlimited bingeing access to many of our favorite shows, but it also keeps us company on those solo nights when we just don't feel like interacting with the rest of the world. On top of that, Netflix and chill is one of the greatest date night ideas recently discovered for those of us who have someone to share weekends with.

So in honor of the fact that we turn to Netflix in good times and in bad, we're helping you make your TV and movie streaming even better with a little help from Seventeen Magazine. Check out 7 awesome Netflix hacks that will change your binge-watching habits forever.

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1. Helium

A transparent browser window that allows you to watch Netflix while you work! Trust us when we say this will revolutionize your productivity game.

2. The Neflix Enhancement

This ingenious Netflix add-ons for Chrome will change your life for the better (for free). You can get IMDB profiles, trailers, and pop-up ratings all in one!

3. Watch in HD

It costs the same as a Standard Def subscription, but you can see every little miniscule detail of your favorite actors, up close and personal.

4. Watch from other countries!

Use the free site Hola or the paid site Media Hint​ to access Netflix from around the globe.

5. ​Create multiple profiles

This is great if your taste differs greatly from your partner's tastes. With separate profiles, your differences won't affect your ratings or anything else.

6. Instant Watcher

This keeps you up to date on what's coming and going from Netflix.

7. ​Flix Roulette

Use your general tastes to narrow down your search. Essentially, it chooses something for you based on what you're into.

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