Whitney Port shares the essential wedding advice Lauren Conrad gave her

Whitney Port Reveals Wedding Advice Lauren Conrad Gave Her
Whitney Port Reveals Wedding Advice Lauren Conrad Gave Her


Planning a wedding is no easy task -- well, unless you're Whitney Port, that is. The seemingly flawless fashion designer and former star of MTV's "The Hills" and "The City" is totally prepared for her upcoming wedding to Tim Rosenman -- thanks, in part, to some advice she got from former costar Lauren Conrad.

"I saw Lauren recently and she told me to really just be in the moment during the wedding weekend and to enjoy every single second."

Gearing up for the wedding, Rosenman has left much of the planning in Port's hands -- a fact that she has no problem with.

"Everything has been pretty easy, relatively speaking," she says. "There are so many details that go into planning a wedding, and I've been really trying to keep it in perspective. [Tim] really trusts me."

Still, she says, "He's definitely been involved! I get a lot of the decisions brought to me and I narrow them down and bring them to him to make final decisions."

Photos of Whitney and Tim together:

Though she makes it sound and look easy, Port admits that they did actually encounter one huge roadblock a few weeks ago.

"We recently had a snafu with our Friday night venue -- [we found out] that the place was maybe closing or being sold, so I had a minor freakout for 48 hours a week ago."

Part of what makes these more difficult moments easier to handle, according to Port, is her ability to manage her time and schedule efficiently so as to minimize the stress amid the wedding chaos. Part of that efficiency? Smart snacking; something she's mastered thanks to GoodnessKnows Snack Squares.

"Snacking is super important," she insists. "My friends call me 'snack mom' because I always have snacks, and the GoodnessKnows Snack Squares are great because they are that on-the-go snack I can eat throughout the day."

Photos from Whitney's bachelorette party in Las Vegas:

She may be conscious of her snacking routine, but Port has avoided the common trend of going on an all-out pre-wedding diet.

"I feel like being healthy is just a part of my life in general, whether I'm prepping for something big or not. I'm just trying to maintain and be healthy. Making sure I'm nourishing myself with the right things."

In addition to all of the planning, Port is still managing her fashion line Whitney Eve, which has had an incredibly successful eighteen seasons -- a number that even she can't believe. When we congratulated her on the feat, her mind was totally blown: "Oh my gosh, I didn't even know that was how many we've done!"

Port's upcoming wedding is sure to be a wonderfully memorable moment for the star, and we can't wait to see what everyone wears.

Photos of Whitney Port from over the years:

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