Photograph of the alleged iceberg that sank Titanic sells for staggering sum

Photo of Actual Titanic Iceberg May Fetch $10,000 at Auction
Photo of Actual Titanic Iceberg May Fetch $10,000 at Auction

A photograph can be worth more than 1,000 words -- especially if it's an image related to the Titanic.

A picture recently put up for auction that showcases the infamous iceberg believed to have sunk the Titanic sold on Saturday for over $32,000. The picture was taken by the chief stewart on Prinz Adalbert, a steamer that passed the through the site of the collision just hours after the boat sank. Scientists believe that the iceberg in the photograph is the exact match due to the fact that a streak of red paint covers its side, indicating it was scraped by a passing ship.

The auction was held by Henry Aldridge & Son in the UK, where they sold other memorabilia from the wreckage.

To see more past auction items, scroll through the gallery below:

The photograph itself may be the only item left from the iceberg itself, since most likely it would have only survived several more years before melting completely.

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