1-minute pasta, plus more life-changing pasta hacks for World Pasta Day

The One Hack Every Pasta Lover Should Know
The One Hack Every Pasta Lover Should Know

Pasta lovers REJOICE -- the most beautiful of days is finally here and it's time to celebrate. That's right, we're talking World Pasta Day. Celebrated on October 25th every year, the idea behind it was to celebrate the deliciousness of this culinary treat, sparked by the World Pasta Congress in 1995.

Technically, the right way to celebrate Pasta Day is right at home, gathered around the table with your family, sharing spaghetti and meatballs while speak loudly to one another -- just like the Italians do!

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And to make this day even more special for you, we've got the best pasta hacks you could possibly ask for. From 1-minute pasta to cold water pasta -- these hacks will change your life (and family dinners) forever. Take a look.

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Soak pasta for 1 minute cooking

Soaking pasta in cold water for 90 minutes cuts down on cooking time. This is because in order to be fully cooked, pasta needs to absorb water, while heat activates the starch.

Parboil pasta now and cook later in less time

Parboil pasta (cook it partially) then store it. Bring salt water to a boil, then add pasta. Wait until the water starts boiling again, let pasta cook for 2 minutes then take the pasta out of the water, and run it under cold water.

Turn the burner off for passive pasta

Cook pasta in boiling water until the last 2 minutes. At that point, turn off the gas or electricity and let the residual heat do the cooking for you.

Start pasta in cold water and use less water than normal

Cook a pound of pasta in 1½ to 2 quarts of water rather than the usual recommendation of 4 to 6 quarts. This saves a significant amount of water and because the noodles absorb water slowly at temperatures below the boil, little happens to them in the few minutes it takes for the water to heat up.

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