Arian Foster injured, helped off with non-contact injury (Video)

Texans Owner to Arian Foster: 'Can't Say I'm Surprised' About Injury
Texans Owner to Arian Foster: 'Can't Say I'm Surprised' About Injury

The Houston Texans were getting shellacked by the Miami Dolphins in Week 7 from Jump Street. The Dolphins hung 21 points on Houston in the first quarter and went on to go into halftime with a 41-0 lead over Houston. In garbage time in the fourth quarter, things got much worse for the Texans as star running back Arian Foster suffered a scary injury.

With just over four minutes left in the game, the Texans starters were still in the game and driving to score. On first-and-goal from the five yard line, Foster ran in motion to Brian Hoyer's left side and went to break either into his route or his block after the snap. However, he never made it into either as he tried to push off and went down in pain with a non-contact injury:

Foster was then helped off of the field and was obviously in a great deal of pain. It appears as if it was an ankle injury that the star running back suffered on the play and, as is always the case with non-contact injuries, it didn't look good.

The bigger question here is why did Bill O'Brien still have his starters in the game? Yes, the Texans had been putting points on the board in the second half, but they were in a hole they were never going to climb out of. What's the point in having Foster out there if the game is out of reach? This injury is what you're risking when you don't use common sense and rest your starters.

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