Watch what happens when these swing dancers meet breakdancers


Swing dance and hip-hop are two genres that nobody would normally think could coexist on the same floor, but an incredible event confirms the very opposite. The "Lindy Hoppers vs. Street Dancers" is part of the "Montreal Swing Riots," a festival that takes place in the Canadian city and brings swing and street dancers together.The participants meet during the Montreal International Jazz Festival to battle on the same tunes. Hip-hop dancers move to the sounds of jazz while street dancers adapt their moves to breakdancing music, creating an thrilling performance that merges polar opposites of the music spectrum.

If you plan to attend, start planning now and get all the information you need on the event's website. Now go get your dance moves ready for next summer!

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6-Year-Old Girl Takes Breakdancing World by Storm
6-Year-Old Girl Takes Breakdancing World by Storm

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