Possible debris from El Faro washes ashore in Bahamas

Possible Debris From El Faro Washes Ashore In Bahamas
Possible Debris From El Faro Washes Ashore In Bahamas

Debris that recently washed up in the Bahamas has been linked to the missing cargo ship El Faro.

These images sent to The Nassau Guardian's Travis Cartwright-Carroll show some of what was found, including a refrigerator with a serial number that confirms it was on board the doomed ship.

Other items found include a pair of tennis shoes, plastic containers and dozens of bottles of body wash and other toiletries.

33 people lost their lives when El Faro went down during Hurricane Joaquin earlier this month. Before the Coast Guard and officials called off the search, they were only able to recover three life rings, a life vest and one body.

The National Transportation Safety Board has not confirmed that all of the debris came from the ship but an investigation is underway.

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