Kate Hudson sobs while listening to Adele's new song, 'Hello'!

Kate Hudson Cries Her Eyes Out
Kate Hudson Cries Her Eyes Out

Stars really are just like us. Adele music makes them feel EVERYTHING.

At least, Kate Hudson's reaction to the singer's new single, "Hello," Adele's first in three years our first taste of her new album, was all of our reaction. The actress posted a picture of herself in tears and clutching a pillow, captioning it, "When @adele puts out a new single... She's done it again!"

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Hudson wasn't alone. Lena Dunham posted a Dubsmash of herself singing the chorus to the song, and then followed it up with a tweet for good measure.

Sam Smith, Adele's James Bond theme song successor, posted that the music video made him "scream like a little girl."

And Katy Perry may or may not have cried too. She at least emoji cried.

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Here's which other stars were gushing about the new Adele tune on Friday:

Now, here are seven questions we have about Adele's "Hello" music video:

7 Questions We Have About Adele's 'Hello' Video
7 Questions We Have About Adele's 'Hello' Video
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