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After so many promises of a taco emoji, the day has finally come. NEW EMOJIS ARE HERE!! (I would show you but they're not exactly compatible with my computer just yet). And what better way to celebrate this glorious day than with some EMOJI FASHUN?

We've seen tons of emoji jewelry (Alison Lou does it best), even emoji clothing (specifically emoji joggers) but what came first...the emoji or the fashion? (or shall I say the or the ?) Here's a look at some brand new emojis and their stylish component (and it can be a #TBT as most of these collections are at least one season old...fashion always does it first!)

Gucci went nerd-chic for Fall '15 (even emojis get that four eyes are better than two!)

Jeremy Scott showed quite a few emoji references for Fall 2012 (re: the first image in this post) and who knew he'd predict an all new emoji for Fall 2015?

Probably the most recent of the bunch would be Kate Spade Spring 2015 — showing us that being crabby can be chic.

I've had these Charlotte Olympia slippers for quite a while now, so I'm pretty excited I have an official emoji to go with it.

Remember Charlotte vs. Kate?

There was an array of produce seen in Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2012 collection, but there was definitely no shortage of hot peppers.

This one was too easy, I had to include it twice. Stock up on Kenzo ready to [eye] wear...because the eye emoji is EYEING YOU.

Have you downloaded the software update yet? What do you think of the new emojis? Also have to give another shoutout to the much needed taco emoji, as well as the champagne, middle finger, cheese and shopping bag emojis. I am forever grateful (although the lack of an avocado emoji is quite disappointing...maybe next year!) And if you want to get your NEW EMOJI fashion on...

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