Domino's now has its own delivery car with ovens as interiors

Domino's New Delivery Cars Have Warming Ovens
Domino's New Delivery Cars Have Warming Ovens

Forget your delivery person that arrives on a bike or on a scooter to hand you a cold pizza. Domino's has stepped up the delivery game with a futuristic looking car that was stripped of its interiors to fit ovens and compartments to store your order and keep it warm. According to Mashable, the company announced that it partnered with GM, Roush and Local Motors to make a custom designed vehicle that is crafted just for the perfect pizza experience.

Check out the Domino's DXP:

The car, called DXP, has the frame of a Chevrolet Spark, but instead of the back windows two ovens appear and when their doors open, the car is somehow reminiscent of a supercar with wing doors. The vehicle will start riding the streets of major US cities in the next three months, with 100 units currently planned to be built. According to Detroit News, branches owners can purchase the car for $25,000.

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