Disabled airline passenger forced to crawl off plane

Disabled Airline Passenger Forced To Crawl Off Plane
Disabled Airline Passenger Forced To Crawl Off Plane

A United Airlines passenger was forced to crawl off the plane after the airline didn't bring him a wheelchair.

D'Arcee Neal told WRC-TV he waited for an aisle sized wheelchair to help him get off the empty plane after it landed in Washington D.C. on Tuesday -- but help never came. He desperately needed to use the restroom, so he was forced to crawl halfway across the jet where his usual wheelchair awaited.

"I mean, it's humiliating," he told WRC-TV. "No one should have to do what I did."

Ironically, Neal was returning from San Francisco where he was a guest speaker on disability-accessible transportation.

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See a pic of D'Arcee Neal on his Facebook page:

 D'Arcee Neal
D'Arcee Neal

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