YouTube star Meredith Foster talks 'Girls Night In' tour and connecting with beloved fans

With YouTube evolving as one of the best social media platforms for people to share their unique talents and interests, vloggers (video bloggers) and musicians alike are gaining millions of subscribers through the Internet. These social media stars are garnering larger fanbases than some of the hottest celebs in Hollywood. One such social star, lifestyle vlogger Meredith Foster, has caught the attention of millions with her DIY fashion, beauty and lifestyle tutorials.

With over 3.5 million subscribers to her lifestyle YouTube channel, Meredith provides entertainment and inspiration for her impressionable young fans. Aside from being ridiculously creative and stylish, what makes Meredith so amazing is the way she encourages her viewers to value the truest beauty that comes from within. While there's nothing she enjoys more than turning an old T-shirt into a trendy style staple, she wants viewers to know that she's just as real as they are and has endured many of the same coming-of-age struggles they have. Rather than being their idol, Meredith prefers to consider herself a "big sister" figure to her millions of subscribers.

Now, the spunky, talented vlogger is putting faces to usernames with a national tour. Together with fellow vloggers Eva Gutowski, Alisha Marie, Mia Stammer and Sierra Furtado as well as sensational singer/songwriter Andie Case, Meredith is traveling the country for Fullscreen Live's "Girls Night In." Together, the young women showcase their talents while proving that being yourself is so much better than aspiring to unrealistic ideals. The tour enables the gang to come face-to-face with their beloved fans for a fun scripted show interspersed with games, sketches, contests, musical performances, DIY and more.

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Amidst the crazy tour schedule, we were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Meredith about some of her favorite videos so far, how the tour has enabled her to connect with her fans in a way she never expected and some of the amazing projects she's working on that her viewers can look forward to.

How has the tour been for you so far? What are you most looking forward to on this tour?

It has been so, so much fun! My favorite thing so far has been meeting all of my viewers and getting to see them in person and getting to know more about them. They know so much about us from watching our videos so really getting to go out there and bring our videos to life and interact with them on this whole new level is so much fun. Putting a face to a username is really special to me. I recognize so many people who I follow so that's been amazing. I'm looking forward to continuing to meet them and also just continuing to explore. Yesterday, we went to Newbury Street in Boston together and had a great time. So we've all just been exploring and having fun and it's been like a big sleepover for us.

You have amazing style. What's your favorite fall fashion staple piece right now?

I think for me, it would be boots, either ankle boots or knee-high boots, or knee-high socks. I'll usually wear knee-high socks with some ankle boots and maybe a skirt or dress and a crop top.

One makeup/hair product you'll never leave the house without?

Oh good question! I would never leave the house without some type of lip product, either a chapstick or some type of lip balm just to keep my lips nice and moisturized.

When did you realize you were really creative and awesome at DIY tutorials? Was it always a passion of yours?

It really was always something I was always passionate about. When I started high school, I would sit in my room and come up with all these DIYs. I would use old T-shirts I never wore anymore and I would reinvent them. It was really cool because it was something I loved doing and I would just film it and show it to my audience. They responded so well to it and got inspired by it. It's really cool to be able to share that with millions of girls online and teach them things and inspire them. It's been really amazing.

I love how you try to show fans a more realistic outlook on your life in addition to the glamour. What message are you trying to convey by doing that?

My message is very simple. It's not conveyed through all of my videos because they're all very different, but the message I want my whole channel to reflect is just doing what makes you happy and doing what you love. When I make videos, I always keep that in the back of my mind. I want to convey that to my viewers so they always have that mindset. I want to inspire them to love themselves because that's something we all struggle with at some point. I want to help them and teach them to love who they are. Recently, I did a realistic night routine and people loved that because I just showed them what really happens without trying to show a perfect life or making them think they have to do things a certain way. I just want to show them a normal girl on a normal night. I'm just like them, we're no different. I think I'm kind of like an older sister to them so I wanted to post the realistic side of things.

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Aside from the tour, do you have any big projects coming up for fans to look forward to?

Besides the tour, I just played a role in a horror movie! I played a really fun character. So that film is coming out in the fall and it's a really exciting movie! So that'll be really cool.

That's so cool! Have you done a lot of acting in the past?

I've always been interested in acting. When I was little, I wanted to be an actress. It's really cool that YouTube and my viewers have brought me all of these opportunities to pursue things that I've always been passionate about. It's great to be able to go after things like that. I'm also starting to do more scripted content in addition to my main channel content which is exciting.

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