How not to get sick this winter

How To Not Get Sick This Winter

Winter's coming and bringing with it a litany of coughs, sneezes, dry skin, and cold hands. Here are some ways, according to the Daily Mail, to stay happy and healthy this cold season.

The first tip is pretty simple: eat with your less dominant hand at parties. Hands carry bacteria and bugs that can cause you to get sick. When you're at a party, greet people with one hand and eat with the other.

Another good precaution, lay off the alcohol. We're not saying you can't have a drink, just don't drink alcohol in an attempt to keep you warm. Drinking takes blood away from your internal organs, which causes your body temperature to drop dramatically.

Also, consider changing your toothpaste. Teeth can get really sensitive during the winter months. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth helps by plugging in the microscopic holes in the enamel.

And lastly, go to bed early. Lack of sleep affects your immune system. Disturbed sleep interferes with the immunity gene and when that happens, it can't fight off infections. So get some sleep!

Follow these tips and maybe you'll be able to keep those winter blues at bay!

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