Historic Manchester mansion on sale for shockingly low price

Historic New Hampshire Mansion on Sale for Less Than $30,000

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WMUR) -- If you have ever wanted to own a historic mansion for just a few thousand dollars, now is your chance.

A 20-bedroom, seven-bath home in downtown Manchester is up for sale at a mind-boggling price, but whoever buys it will need a moving van for more than just their belongings.

The former George B. Chandler home on Walnut Street is an ornate Queen Anne Victorian featuring 30 rooms, nearly 10,000 square feet and detailed work unheard of in modern construction. The owner and the builder ran the Amoskeag Mill in the late 1800s.

The house was later donated to the Catholic Diocese of Manchester and for a good part of the 20th century it was a residence for the bishop, which is why there's a chapel in one of the front rooms.

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Historic New Hampshire mansion for sale
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Historic Manchester mansion on sale for shockingly low price
Photo courtesy of WMUR
Photo courtesy of WMUR
Photo courtesy of WMUR
Photo courtesy of WMUR
Photo courtesy of WMUR

When the bishop moved out, a convent moved in. Not surprisingly, the assessed value of the property is more than $600,000.

But for the list price, the owner was willing to go a little lower than that.

"This is going to be shocking here, but it's $29,900," said Greg Barrett of Kas-Bar Realty.

Barrett, who is handling the unique listing, said there's just one catch – once you buy the house, you can't keep it in the current location.

The entire structure must be moved to make way for a parking lot, which will give the aging parish of St. Hedwig next door easier access to worship.

"It's a difficult situation, but the church is attempting to be very sympathetic to the historical significance of this home," Barrett said.

He estimated the cost of moving the home locally could be $200,000 to $300,000. Barrett said since the listing went up Sunday night, calls have come in from around the country.

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