Here are the 10 cities with the best reputations in the world

Sydney: World's Most Reputable City for 2015

We often see lists of the most exotic, fun or beautiful cities in the world, but what about their reputations? The Reputation Institute conducted a study to rank the most reputable cities in the world based on factors such as the effectiveness of the governing administration, the appeal of the environment and how advance their economy is. Additionally, the study considers the emotional experience that the respondents expressed, which include stereotypes about the city or the country where it's located and other qualitative factors that relate to perception more than data.

See the top 10 most reputable cities in the gallery below:
Top 10 most reputable cities in the world
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Here are the 10 cities with the best reputations in the world

1 - Sydney 

(Photo: Michael Dunning via Getty Images)

2 - Melbourne 

(Photo: Getty Images)

3 - Stockholm

(Photo: Hans Strand via Getty Images)

4 - Vienna

(Photo: George Pachantouris via Getty Images)

5 - Vancouver

(Photo: James O'Neil via Getty Images)

6 - Barcelona

(Photo: Sylvain Sonnet via Getty Images)

7 - Edinburgh

(Photo: Anthony Brown via Getty Images)

8 - Geneva

(Photo: Getty Images)

9 - Copenhagen

(Photo: Peter Zelei Images via Getty Images)

10 - Venice

(Photo: Buena Vista Images via Getty Images)


The project also ranked the ones with the worst reputation:

1 - Warsaw
2 - Rio de Janeiro
3 - Santo Domingo
4 - Bangkok
5 - Abu Dhabi
6 - Shanghai
7 - Buenos Aires
8 - San Juan
9 - Lima
10 - Bucharest

In case reputation is not your top priority, here are the top cities for singles:

Study Reveals The Best Cities For Singles
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