Footage shows world's biggest passenger plane fly shockingly close to helicopter

Get a Bird's Eye View of the World's Biggest Passenger Plane
Get a Bird's Eye View of the World's Biggest Passenger Plane

Incredible footage shows an Emirates A380, which is the biggest passenger airplane in the world, fly right under a helicopter at an incredibly small distance. The plane was over Dubai and it flew extremely close to the helicopter for a promotional campaign, making it an undoubtedly nail-biting situation. Pilot Dayv Franco, 28 years old and from Brazil, posted the 14-second-long video on Facebook.

Impressionante!! É tudo que tenho a dizer! 󾍁 🇬󾓪 Amazing! It's all I got to say!

Posted by Vida de Piloto on Friday, October 16, 2015

The stunt worried some people, but, according to The Telegraph, an Emirates spokesperson confirmed that the filming, which was conducted in a number of locations above Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is now safely completed. While no accident occurred during the stunt, the danger of turbulence caused by the passage of the airplane so close to the helicopter could have put the crew at peril since the distance was only of 150 feet. According to Mashable, the International Civil Aviation Organization mandates a minimum vertical distance of 1,000 feet between an A380 and any other aircraft.

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