5 foods to eat the week of your next date

5 Foods to Eat the Week of Your Next Date
5 Foods to Eat the Week of Your Next Date

We stress over what to wear for a date, but we don't always think about what we should be eating to prepare for it. Consuming a few particular foods in advance can help you look and feel your best. Here are 5 foods to eat to feel just a bit more confident before you meet that special someone:

1. Cucumbers
The week of your date, try to incorporate cucumbers into your diet. They have a high water content and will keep you hydrated.

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2. Salmon
Have a meal with salmon. It's one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which will help your skin beam!

3. Nuts
If you can't work the salmon into your meals in the week leading up to a date, nuts like almonds or walnuts also provide good fats to boost complexion.

4. Asparagus
If you're looking to rock that little black dress, asparagus is an anti-bloating veggie that can help your body flush out excess water, so you can feel your best.

5. Beets
Eat beets! They give you energy, and the nitrates in them will help keep your mind sharp -- something we all want when trying to get to know another person!

Check out the 5 foods to eat the week of your next date:

Other things to keep in mind before you step out? Skip the alcohol, and avoid drinking a ton of coffee in the days leading up to your date. Both dehydrate you. So get sleep, and drink plenty of water!

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