15 recipes for staying in on Halloween

​By Food52

There's nothing like Halloween to make you feel old and washed-up. Because as much as your inner child wants to be outside collecting candy like it's your birthright, if you're over 20 and you follow social norms, you're trapped at home or at a lame party. And this confinement makes you shake your fist at all the rascals wreaking havoc, ringing your doorbell, and making your dog bark uncontrollably.

So how can you avoid hating Halloween? Invite some friends over (costumes optional), put on Hocus Pocus, and make a couple of festive recipes that will remind you of the joys of being a kid and of the perks of being an adult.

Here are 15 reasons (and 15 recipes) why it's not so bad to stay in on Halloween:

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