Top 5 On The Go: Wednesday, October 21


It's the evening of Wednesday, October 21 and these are the top stories you need to know right now on

1. Joe says no: Biden won't run, a boost for Clinton
Vice President Joe Biden announced today he won't be a candidate in the 2016 presidential race, solidifying Hillary Clinton's status as the Democratic front-runner.

2. House Freedom Caucus says supports Paul Ryan for Speaker
A key group of hardline conservatives said tonight it will support Paul Ryan for speaker of the House, which means he's almost guaranteed to get the position.

3. Study: 99 percent probability of Los Angeles-area quake
A new study exposed the terrifying probability of a magnitude-5 or greater earthquake striking the greater Los Angeles area within three years.​

4. Teenager describes fatal beating at upstate New York church
A New York teenager revealed shocking details in court today of the brutal attack at a secretive church that killed his older brother.

5. With record-breaking September, 2015 continues pace as warmest year on record
Last year, 2014 was the hottest year on record, but with so many historically hot months this year, 2015 might beat it.​

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