Study finds possibly dangerous side effect of painting your nails

Study Finds Possibly Dangerous Side Effect of Painting Your Nails

If you have your nails painted, you're going to want to know about a new study on nail polish. Dr. Steve Salvatore explained it all on PIX11.

What's the concern?

"There is a chemical called TPHP commonly found in nail polish, and this study by Duke University and others found that 10 to 15 hours after painting your nails, the levels of a metabolite of this chemical -- called DPHP -- had increased nearly sevenfold. This metabolite was found in the bodies of all of the women they studied. Now, TPHP is widely used in nail polishes probably as a plasticizer -- so it's pretty much in just about every nail polish out there."

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What kinds of problems can this cause?

"Here's the thing, they're not exactly sure if it's dangerous or not. It's suspected that TPHP may be an endocrine disrupter. What does that mean? It means it could possibly affect the hormones of the body. So this could affect young women, developing women. High levels could be problematic. In animal studies, it caused reproductive and developmental problems. It may also contribute to weight gain and obesity. But again, this is all [from] animal studies -- so it's not something you have to get so crazy about."

How alarming is this study?

"I wouldn't be alarmed. It's a very small study. It's unlikely that this chemical -- in this amount -- is going to cause any significant damage. But, here's the thing, you have to look at the big picture. This is just one product. What about all of the other products and chemicals that we're exposed to every day? Taken separately, they don't seem to be a problem, but there's a cumulative effect. That's what people are concerned about. Our bodies are bombarded with these chemicals every day. What's the tipping point? Taken together, do they cause a toxic effect? That's what people are worried about."

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