Six things we learned from Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony on "Stay Melo"

Carmelo Anthony isn't one to rush anything -- off the basketball court, that is. He's thoughtful and funny. Here's what we gleaned when we hung out with him.

He's psyched about his latest venture, the web series "The Clubhouse," on In one episode, he visits Cuba. "I'm excited about that because it gives a different perspective on athletes. My series is how sports connects. People in music want to be athletes. Athletes want to be musicians," says Anthony.

In his other web show, "Stay Melo," he goes to Cuba. "For me it's about doing stuff people haven't seen from me. They've seen me on the court. They haven't seen this side of what I'm showing them," he says.

Yes, he gets starry-eyed, but you have to be pretty A-list to get a reaction from Anthony. Like maybe the president, or the first lady. "I've met a lot of people. When I first Obama. The first time, when he was still senator, and he was here for 9/11. He was staying in the hotel I was in. I get a phone call from his team. The senator wants to meet you. This can't be right. It's 630am. I came in from a night out on the town. It was my wife who gave me an elbow and told me to get up. We walked downstairs. He had the second floor locked down. I was starstruck. I was delirious from the night before. From there, it was a relationship-builder," he says.

He doesn't have one moment he's proud of, but three. He was named the most outstanding player at Syracuse, for starters. "Winning two gold medals and winning the college championship. I'd say those three. You asked me for one, and I gave you three," he says.

He posted a Tweet encouraging ailing player Lamar Odom to get better, but isn't in touch with him. "I don't know (how he's doing). I just go off of what I'm hearing. I only like to Tweet, if I don't know the information, something very generic. Nobody knows what's going on, except for the people there," says Anthony.

When you see something he's Tweeted, rest assured, it came directly from him. "I got a ton of followers. Facebook is the one I use for the overall brand. Twitter is more for me to get the message out quick, fast. Instagram, for me, that's mine. I just post pictures. Not me. I do it. I know people who have a whole social media team. That's a big payroll," he laughs.

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