Naomi Watts could switch careers right now

'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Mean Tweets Live
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Mean Tweets Live


Naomi Watts can act. Very well.

She's a hands-on mom who gave out the best piece of advice ever, used to this day by this reporter: when kids fight, put whatever toy they're brawling about in toy jail. (Trust us. It works).

She's also a pro at getting herself gussied up, reports her stylist Jeanann Williams.

Here she is at Tuesday's premiere of the HBO doc "How to Dance in Ohio. She's wearing cozy Michael Kors.

"It reminded Naomi of her school days. And when the air turned cold she wanted to cozy up and this sweater look is definitely that. A bit 70s, a bit geek-chic, nothing wrong with that! Very New York eclectic," says Williams.

As for her face? "She did her own makeup," says Williams.


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