Introducing BED|STÜ, our new favorite brand



Have you ever heard of the brand BEDSTÜ?

If not, it's about to be on your radar in a very big way! Basically, it's a footwear and accessories brand, but it's not your average shoe-and-purse company, it's a brand with a lot of integrity, which unfortunately we don't see enough of in fashion.

The products BEDSTÜ creates aren't just beautiful, they're unique. Every piece is hand-crafted with natural leather and isn't treated with harsh chemicals, and you really can tell that a lot of love went into it.

The BEDSTÜ mission says it all:

"We believe in taking our time to create products that are as individual as those who wear them. We buck the trend of mass production to ensure our products are made the right way, honoring the cobbler and the craft. We will not compromise quality. Our unapologetic line of footwear and accessories we make is like each member of the BEDSTÜ Family: GENUINE UNIQUE IMPERFECT."

When it comes down to it, it's nice to be able to support a brand that means something -- a brand that doesn't cut corners and believes in the power of a well-made product. Ideally, products from brands like these make us proud purchasers and wearers, because the pieces are direct extensions or ourselves, our personalities and our values as consumers.

Of course, the world isn't a perfect place and neither are we. Some of our favorite wardrobe must-haves come from factories where clothing is mass-produced, and it's hard to avoid, especially when you take price into consideration. But when you have the opportunity to purchase your next favorite pair of boots, for example, look to a brand like BEDSTÜ, where high quality, high-integrity designs are not synonymous with breaking the bank, and where you're sure to find something (many things!) just as unique and wonderful as you are.

Click through the gallery below to shop our favorite BEDSTÜ styles, or head to their site here:

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