Google 'leaks' documents on time-traveling car

10 Secrets About Google

Google is known for coming up with the quirkiest easter eggs and ways to celebrate recurring events, and it had the best idea for "Back to the Future" day. The company tweeted what seemed like an innocuous message to its followers, referring to "new Gmail themes to make your inbox more awesome" and providing a link. When the user clicks on the link, he or she is prompted to a PDF about that claims to be confidential and should not be seen outside of Google. The content of the document is about "Project Flux," which is a reference to the DeLorean's flux capacitor from the movie.

The PDF uses some faux science and references to the trilogy, showing the prototype of a car that looks like a mix between a DeLorean and the Google Car. The fake document (let's stress "fake") claims that the hypothetical time-traveling car would go into production with the goal to have 88 public test flights by mid-2016. This is another reference to "Back to the Future," where 88 miles per hour is the speed that the DeLorean needs to reach in order to time travel.

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Google 'leaks' documents on time-traveling car
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