Former NFL player Chris Kluwe tears into Houston Texans owner Bob McNair over anti-LGBT donation

Chris Kluwe Takes on NFL Owner Over Houston Ordinance
Chris Kluwe Takes on NFL Owner Over Houston Ordinance

Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe has been known to speak his mind when it comes to sensitive topics, and the 33-year-old is at it again.

In a piece written at The Cauldron, Kluwe blasted Houston Texans owner Bob McNair for donating $10,000 in support of a group that opposes the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which helps protect Houston residents from discrimination on account of several things, including sexual orientation.

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Using some colorful language, Kluwe pondered why McNair would associate with and support a group that openly supports discrimination against the LGBT community.

"Surely," I said to myself, "one of the NFL's thirty-two owners, businessmen with more accumulated wealth than most third world nations and completely vested in the well-being of the society that afforded them such success ... surely this man could not be a pants-on-head, cowhumping glue-huffer stupid enough to buy in on clearly outdated ideals of bigotry and intolerance?"

Sadly, however, it appears I must hide my livestock, because the facts do not lie. You have, indeed, donated $10,000 to a cause whose sole purpose is to denigrate a specific group of American citizens. Which begs the question — WHY?

Even from a business perspective, as Kluwe later notes, McNair's decision comes with plenty of concerns.

Those same people impacted by the lack of protections HERO is meant to remedy are those integral to how you got that money in the first place, and you'd just as soon throw them away like a Ryan Mallett pass. Leadership comes from the top, and in this particular instance, your top is that of the trashbin collapsing into the dumpsterfire.

Seriously, how are you this obtuse?

Almost every other corporate industry in America has figured out that people work better when they're allowed to be who they are, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity — and that, Bob, translates into increased profits. I mean, forget the social aspect for a moment, just look at it from pure greed.

The group that McNair contributed to is also supported by former MLB player Lance Berkman, who appears in an ad campaign opposing HERO.

McNair hasn't yet responded to Kluwe's sentiments, and it's unclear if he ever will. But chalk this up as another black eye for the league and its owners -- something not at all uncommon these days around the NFL.

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