You should remove these apps from your iPhone immediately

Hundreds of App Store Apps Banned for Storing Users' Personal Information
Hundreds of App Store Apps Banned for Storing Users' Personal Information

Apple has removed over 250 apps from the App Store after it was discovered they were secretly gathering personal information from users.

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The apps were mainly developed in China and all used a software called Youmi to display built-in advertising. According to Business Insider, Youmi could potentially have stolen your "iPhone's serial number, the email address associated with your Apple ID, and a list of apps installed on your phone."

Amongst the hacked apps include the popular, Angry Birds 2.

But don't freak out quite yet. BGR reports, "Rovio has confirmed to BGR that a build of Angry Birds 2 local to the Chinese market (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) was impacted by this issue, but it has since been fixed in an update. China-based users should ensure they have the latest version of the app installed, and users in other markets are not affected."

Therefore, you may want to cross reference your iPhone and iPad apps with this list below, and uninstall any that pose a threat (always better to be safe than sorry).

This scare comes after last month's discovery of iOS malware XcodeGhost, that was found in hundreds of popular Apple apps including instant messaging app, WeChat.

Here is the full list of potentially affected apps, as reported by BGR:

  • air2

  • AmHexinForPad

  • Angry Birds 2

  • baba

  • BiaoQingBao

  • CamCard

  • CamScanner

  • CamScanner Lite

  • CamScanner Pro

  • Card Safe

  • China Unicom Mobile Office

  • ChinaUnicom3.x

  • CITIC Bank move card space

  • CSMBP-AppStore

  • CuteCUT

  • DataMonitor

  • Didi Chuxing

  • Eyes Wide

  • FlappyCircle

  • Flush

  • Freedom Battle

  • golfsense

  • golfsensehd

  • guaji_gangtai en

  • Guitar Master

  • High German map

  • Himalayan

  • Hot stock market

  • I called MT

  • I called MT 2

  • IFlyTek input

  • IHexin

  • immtdchs

  • InstaFollower

  • installer

  • iOBD2

  • iVMS-4500

  • Jane book

  • jin

  • Lazy weekend

  • Lifesmart

  • Mara Mara

  • Marital bed

  • Medicine to force

  • Mercury

  • Micro Channel

  • Microblogging camera

  • MobileTicket

  • MoreLikers2

  • MSL070

  • MSL108


  • NetEase

  • nice dev

  • OPlayer

  • OPlayer Lite

  • PDFReader

  • PDFReader Free

  • Pocket billing

  • PocketScanner

  • Poor tour

  • Quick asked the doctor

  • Quick Save

  • QYER

  • Railway 12306

  • SaveSnap

  • SegmentFault

  • snapgrab copy

  • Stocks open class

  • SuperJewelsQuest2

  • Telephone attribution assistant

  • The driver drops

  • The Kitchen

  • Three new board

  • ting


  • Wallpapers10000

  • Watercress reading

  • WeChat

  • WeLoop

  • WhiteTile

  • WinZip

  • WinZip Sector

  • WinZip Standard

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