Trevor Noah begrudgingly admits Donald Trump is right about 9/11

What Did Internet Think of Trevor Noah?
What Did Internet Think of Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah had difficulties saying Donald Trump was right about something on Monday's The Daily Show.

Noah was discussing the back-and-forth that has been occurring between Jeb Bush and Trump over whether or not George Bush kept the country safe in his term. After showing tweets and video clips of the exchange between Trump and Jeb arguing about 9/11, Noah expressed his opinion.

"I'm sorry to say this, but, strictly within the factual confines of that sentence, Donald Trump is," Noah stops and comically struggles with saying the word "right." Finally he says, "He's not wrong."

Noah said this is "worrying" because, "if he's not wrong about this, then what other things is Trump not wrong about?" He added, "Maybe he is best at military. Maybe multiple bankruptcies doesn't mean he's a bad businessman. The possibilities are endless."

Before pointing out that Trump was right and actually "said a fact that happened," Noah mocked Jeb Bush on his own.

He said Jeb Bush's logic "doesn't really make sense."

"'We were attacked,' and 'my brother kept us safe'? Do you know how that sounds?" said Noah. "It's not really correct. It's like saying, 'I'm blackout drunk, and totally cool to drive.' 'I lost your children, and this field trip was a success.' It's one or the other. It can't be both."

Photos of Donald Trump on the campaign trail:

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